Professional & Educational Activities Board Roster

2018 PEAB Members

PEAB Chair

Andy Chen, VP of Professional and Educational Activities

Professional Educational Products Committee Chair

John Keppler

Curriculum and Accreditation Committee Chair

Allen Parrish

Enterprise Information Technology Committee Chair

Brenda Byers

Engineering Disciplines Committee Chair

Rich Hilliard

Member at Large

Jorge Murillo

Ad Hoc Committee for Program Boards Integration

Hironori Washizaki

Advisor for Business Development Committee

Stephen Ibaraki

Member, Curriculum and Accreditation Committee

Don Shafer

Bruce McMillin

Member, Professional Educational Product Committee

Rajesh Yawantikar

San Murugesan

Peter Leather


Representatives to External Organizations

Computing Sciences Accreditation Board (CSAB)

Pearl Wang, CSAB President and Executive Committee Member

Allen Parrish, CSAB Treasurer and Representative Director

Mary Jane Willshire-Fairley, Representative Director

Mark J. Sebern, Representative Director

Bruce McMillin, Alternative Representative Director

Andy Borchers, Alternate Representative Director

Federation of Enterprise Architecture Professional Organizations (FEAPO)

Andy Chen

Rich Hilliard


Andy Chen

Rich Hilliard

IEEE Computer Society Staff

Brian Kirk

Michelle Phon

Computing Now